vs. Magento, Big Commerce, & Shopify Plus.

Whether you need our full suite of products & services (the cream of the crop), or you just need the basics (the bread & butter), we have a plan fit for your needs—and we guarantee it will save you money.

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Our Plans

& Butter

it Up

Cream of
the Crop

Savorably Headless

Web admin, headless APIs, build pipeline and all tooling

Hosting & Supporting Services

Site hosting, certificates and all supporting services

Premium Support

Documentation, training, phone and email support

Speed Optimization & Edge Caching

Opportunity management, multi-region resource caching

Account Manager

Annual planning, ongoing collaboration, project management

Tech Team

Webmaster services and development services, integration programming and more

Marketing Team

Conversion optimization, merchandising and digital marketing

Multi-brand / Multi-site Tooling

All of the above, but for multiple sites/brands

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Resources for Your Food & Beverage Store

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We Help Companies Like Yours

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    Fishing for an all-in-one partner

    They struggled to find a partner who cared about their success. Our team was able to provide everything they needed, including a team of marketing experts, integrations with their order management system, and the functionality and features to continue to grow their platform.

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    Gifting made easy

    They needed a platform that had new functionality, a more complex solution, and ability to connect to their order management system. With our advanced features, they now have multiple ship to capabilities, can integrate with their order management system, and have an endless amount of flexibility with their platform.

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    Limitless growth

    They came to us in 2013 because their current bespoke solution had limited support and feature sets. With our strong feature set, custom integrations, and endless technical and marketing support, they now have the features, tools, and support they need to grow their food & gift business.